History shows that time is on Ron Gardenhire’s side as manager of the Minnesota Twins.  With another lackluster season playing its soon to be final strains, Gardenhire should be kept as the head man in the dugout for the foreseeable future.

Look back to the years of Tom Kelly as manager, for guidance.  Two World Series Championships gave Kelly a lot of goodwill.  A bleak period followed after the triumphs.  There was even talk of contraction as baseball went through its own dry spell with a season lost to a player’s strike.  The team was almost sold and moved to North Carolina.

Finally in 2001, those young players found the right gear and broke through with an 85-win season.  Kelly handed the reins to his fiery third base coach in Gardenhire and AL Central Division Championships came in bunches.  Gardy has even won the MLB Manager of the Year award (2009) and AL Manager of the year (2010).  He didn’t exactly forget how to manage in three years.

Seeing the organization’s previous patience with TK, Gardy should presume to be pretty solid in his job.  The scouts and front office need to get him some players to surround Joe Mauer before the Twins escape mediocrity.