It is official for the man who has done a lot in his career.  He can now add Independent candidate for Governor of South Dakota.

Mike Myers formally announced his candidacy in a press release on Friday.  The race begins as current Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard will run for re-election.  No Democrat has made an announcement as of yet.  In South Dakota’s history, very few Independent candidates have run for South Dakota’s highest office.  Myers can only think of a couple but does recount the run of Jesse Ventura in neighboring Minnesota as proof that his plan can work.

Myers Has Inspiration for His Goal

Throughout his life Myers can count hospital CEO, law professor, radio host, author, photographer, and journalist.  As for his reason to jump into the fray as an Independent, Myers cites the party system can cause politicians to turn on the “auto-pilot” and the public is not served when good legislation is offered.

Myers Frustrated By Status Quo

To get on the ballot as an Independent, Myers will have to wait until January 1, 2014 to begin circulating petitions.  He will need to submit 3,171 registered South Dakota voter signatures by March 25, 2014.