There's a house at the corner of 7th & Minnesota that we've all probably driven by dozens if not hundreds of times, but do you know what goes on inside?

It's called Family Connection, and since Mother's Day weekend 1996, Family Connection has served and supported individuals and families with loved ones in prison.

Today, the non-profit serves hundreds of people each year, making it possible for them to visit family members who are incarcerated. Guests are not charged.  All the organization asks for in return is a $5 donation if possible.

Over the years, a second hospitality house has been added as well as a program called Children’s Connection, which provides support for children with a close family member in prison.

This year alone Children’s Connection has worked with nearly 200 children, offering group counseling sessions during their lunch periods. This program has grown tremendously – but sadly over 550 children in the area have a loved one in prison, so there’s still a long way to grow.

Which brings me to tonight's event.  "Celebrating Hope" is being held at the Holiday Inn City Centre.  The reigning Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler, is the keynote speaker.  While in high school, her father served 18 months in federal prison for a white collar crime.  So this is a cause near and dear to her heart.

To hear Laura's powerful speech - plus her incredible singing voice - join us tonight at the Holiday Inn City Centre.  Doors open at 6pm and tickets will be available at the door.

To learn more about Family Connection - and perhaps volunteer or make a donation - I encourage you to watch the following video.

Hope to see you at the event!