Sometimes you just have to be there for people.  A call came on Friday afternoon from someone from the Sioux Falls area who was about ready to blow a gasket over the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.  Classic.

Over the span of 8 minutes, here's the list of accomplishments for this aggrieved fellow.  A new word was coined combining disgraceful, outlandish, and uncouth.  Disgraceoutcouth as it was.  The Vice President was then lambasted as a bully and a coward with no new word formed there.

This fellow who said his first name was Greg also instituted a $100,000 fine against Mr. Vice President for continually interrupting his "friend" the Congressman.  With friends like that, who needs enemies, eh?

In addition, the rules of engagement for subsequent debates should be a warning for the first infraction, a more stern rebuke for the second and the third interruption would give the opponent the win by default.  Although, I think Greg didn't reveal if he would just have the television crew shut off the klieg lights or just play out the string at that point.

As a conclusion, Greg would have preferred to using the business end of a blunt instrument to a vital organ of the VP, but realized the legal quandary it would invoke.  Also, he would rather lead by example than sully himself in the manner of Mr. Biden.

Such is the state of discourse in the United States Of America.