One of the goals yet to be accomplished by South Dakota’s lone member of the US House of Representatives is tax reform and she wants to go back and continue the fight.

Congresswoman Kristi Noem has been a member of the Ways and Means Committee since 2015 and supports a plan to lower corporate tax rates so American businesses can be competitive in that arena.

“The Ways and Means (Committee) has put forward as a reform package to lower that rate down to 20 percent. It gets us competitive again. Every other developed country in the world has done tax reform in the last 20 years except the United States. (Our corporate tax rate) is the highest in the developed world and that’s why we see companies leaving and going overseas.”

Noem also says other areas of the tax code are in need of a fresh start.

“The small business rate would be at 25 percent. We consolidate the seven individual tax rates down to three. (When) we get rid of a lot of these loopholes and deductions essentially the majority of Americans could pay their taxes with a post card if we were to put this in place.”

By enacting a tax reform package as described, Noem believes the American economy would see a rate of growth around 9.1 percent.

The Republican won the seat back in 2010 and wants to serve a fourth term in the US House of Representatives. In this election she is challenged by Democrat Paula Hawks.

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