The speed limit along Kiwanis Avenue in Sioux Falls is 30 MPH. But if you drive Kiwanis it seems like more of a hopeful suggestion than a law.

Oh, and I'm not pointing the finger at other drivers. I'm right there along with ya.

Kiwanis is one of those, uh, kind of 'open' feeling streets. Two lanes each way and it feels like 30 is a bit... slow.

I've found myself tooling along, singing along with the radio and looking down and... 40. Whoa, son! A tap on the brakes, back to 30 or so... and watch the cars sliding easily by in the next lane. And sometimes, not sliding by, but zipping.

I kind of feel like the old dog putt-putting along at 30 (OK, as it turns out, I am the old dog) and holding up the poor soul behind me that's on his/her way to an important destination.

I was told one time several years ago that the reason Kiwanis Avenue is posted at 30 MPH is the fact there are so many homes and driveways. So, yep, I understand that... while it seems like one of the most traveled streets in town, its still a 'residential' area.

Now, Kiwanis happens to be one of the streets I travel most often in Sioux Falls, but I'm betting there's other streets like it, those streets where its tough to stay below the posted speed limit.

Now, I'm not talking about 'racing,' I'm talking about that street you travel on where its just plum tough to stay under 40... or 30... or 20 (Oxbow Avenue is a 25 MPH street, which one of Sioux Falls finest pointed out to me... and why wasn't I wearing my seat belt).

So, how about your choice? Which Sioux Falls street seems invite what I would call 'gentle speeders'? Which street is it tough to keep that speed under or at the limit?

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