This long holiday weekend should be a big one at the box office, with the "Wreck it Ralph" sequel "Ralph Breaks the Internet" looking to score the most money. Experts expect the animated movie to take in somewhere around $70-million.

Another new movie opening this weekend is the boxing sequel "Creed II." The Rocky based film is expected to grab somewhere around $45-million - which still isn't half-bad.

The other new movie opening up, "Robin Hood," is being called "a big turkey." "The Taron Egerton/Jamie Foxx flick has gotten horrible reviews and is expected to bomb big time.

If you would rather just stay at home where it's nice and warm, both HBO and Cinemax are running free preview weekends. Of course, the only caveat is in order to watch any of their shows, you must first have cable.

Source: ABC News

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