It's called the Templeton Rye Pork Project, and if you love bourbon and bacon, I believed I've captured your attention. Just down the road from the famous Templeton Rye distillery, a company is breeding 25 pigs to ultimately have the flavor of Iowa's signature rye.

No, the purebred Duroc pigs are not drinking the liquor, but rather eating feed that includes dry distillery grain from the whiskey-making process.

In an interview with Iowa's WQAD, the distillery's co-founder, Keith Kerkhoff, said he got the idea joking around with his drinking buddies one night, and over time, that idea, which produced plenty of laughs, became a reality.

The boozy pigs will be ready for slaughter in June and their destination has not yet been determined. Although there is interest in some of the top barbeque chefs in the nation.

We're going from pickled pigs feet to getting pickled with pigs feet and the possibilities are endless. Bourbon ham? Whiskey glazed chops? I'm in. It's official, my love of all things pig has reached a new level...and I couldn't be happier.


source: WQAD