Buyer beware! The next time you see an ad for a "Free Trial Offer," you may want to think twice before hitting the "sign me up" button. The Better Business Bureau, along with the Federal Trade Commission, is warning consumers about a spike in "Free Trial Offer" scams.

A good example of what kind of scam we're talking about: Debbie Wagner of suburban Chicago ordered a "free trial" of a face cream. After she used it, another shipment arrived. She then called the company to tell them she didn't want the product, but even after that, they continued to charge her. She ended up paying hundreds of dollars in subscription fees.

Spokespeople with the Federal Trade Commission say they see these offers and ads on social media and websites that we visit regularly all the time - touting amazing weight loss results, or magically wrinkle-free skin. The problem has now grown to the point where the number of "free trial offer" complaints with the FTC have more than doubled in the past year.

Source: KSFY TV