It's that time of year when we hear about the holiday blues!  That's not surprising to veteran Avera health therapist Jim Green.

"I think the holiday blues are really tied into memories of the past and memories of people that have passed away.  We kind of get caught up in that along with the stress of the commercial side of Christmas."

Instead of ignoring the past, Jim says talking about our experiences is a good thing.

"We can talk about the good times and what they brought to us.  It's also helpful to put up a picture of a family member who is no longer with us.  We don't carry that inside of us..and make it visible to other family members.  We can talk about past Christmas's and the good things that have well as our involvement with church (going to Christmas eve services.)

The bottom line is this: there is always hope!

"Christmas is really an involvement with others---sharing our love with others and giving gifts of our time to our close ones.  That's the true meaning of Christmas!"