At approximately 4:26 a.m. on September 16, 2012, officers of the Sioux Falls Police Department were dispatched to the area of 41st Street and Kelley Avenue for a possible stabbing. Upon arrival, the officers located a female victim who had three stab wounds to her chest and abdomen area. The suspect was located behind the Last Stop CD Shop, located at 3508 West 41st Street, being restrained by a male acquaintance of the victim. The suspect was identified as Duc N. Pham. It was learned that the suspect is the husband to the female victim.

The investigation showed that the victim and her male acquaintance had been out with each other during the night. They had left the victim’s vehicle parked to the rear of the Last Stop CD Shop and went to another location in the male acquaintance’s vehicle. At approximately 4 a.m., they returned.

Suspect Pham, who had been waiting in the nearby Billion’s lot watching the female victim’s car, came sprinting across the parking lot armed with two knives as they were getting out of the male acquaintance’s vehicle. Pham attacked the victim and her male friend inflicting stab wounds to the victim’s chest and stomach and to the male acquaintance’s rear shoulder. The male acquaintance fought with Pham and was able to get Pham pinned down.

The victim started to run across 41st Street and collapsed in the middle of the street. She was found by two people who were driving by. They had the victim get into their car and parked near the Last Stop CD Shop. They then observed the male acquaintance holding Pham down and they called the police. Both the victim and her male acquaintance’s injuries were deemed to be non-life-threatening. Pham was lodged for one count aggravated assault domestic and one count aggravated assault.

Courtesy of the Sioux Falls Police Department