Almost everyone who is married has at least one "in-law nightmare" story.

Whether your in-laws think you aren't good enough, second-guess or sabotage your parenting or just generally drive you crazy, Deanna Brann, Ph.D can help you.

Deanna has written a book titled "RELUCTANTLY RELATED: Secrets to Getting Along with Your Mother-In Law or Daughter-in Law."

During an interview with KSOO Radio, Deanna offers tips improving our In-Law relationships.  "Set really good firm boundaries with your In-Law.  The key is following through with whatever consequence you give them so they learn that if they do this, this will happen.  That's one of the best things to do to improve the relationship.  You start to feel more empowered.  Deanna also suggests to let the other person know what is behind your behavior before you do the behavior.  If you want to help cook dinner, say 'I want to help you' because it gives us a chance to talk as opposed to just jumping in and making the dinner.  That could indicate you're criticizing her cooking or judging her in some way."

Deanna says the bottom line is this: You have to take the initiative to improve a relationship!  But, the payoff is a stronger bond with the In-Laws.