I've been watching one being built for the past few 'months.' It got me wondering how much 'does it cost to build a new parking lot. How crazy could it be. You mow the grass, clear the land, put some asphalt down and let 'er rip right? Wrong. I guess.

I've been watching our neighbors to the southwest build a new parking lot for Verne Eide Honda. Let me tell you this parking lot is intense.

About 3 months ago they started the project. Let me tell you, it's on a side hill with a pretty substantial drainage situation they are dealing with. The water used to flow right where the parking lot is being built. Here's what I've witnessed.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls

Knock down a few trees, bring in some dirt. OK. Bring it a crap ton of dirt. Bring in some more dirt. Now, more dirt. Now dig a trench through the dirt. Put a big drainage device into the dirt. Dig it up, move it a bit and put it in again. [At least it looks like they did that]  Now, bring in some gravel. Now, bring in more gravel. Now, level it. Level it again, slope it properly. Slop it again now pack it down. Back and forth pack it down. Use that maintainer again...now bring in some lights.

We had some pretty heavy rains this week. I'm sure part of the litmus test of this new multi-billion dollar parking lot must have passed. Afterall it looks like most of the water made it to the Big Sioux River.