How happy are you living here? I thought best to wait until the bitter cold weather was gone before asking this.

But that aside, how happy is South Dakota? You will find the answer to be higher than you think.

For years, Hawaii was the happiest place in the country. But this time around, another state has ranked at number one.

According to Gallup's Well-Being Index, 2013's happiest state was North Dakota. The index factors in various aspects of life.

Work environments, health, and basic access to food, water and medical care all come into play. The closer to 100 a state's score is, the higher its residents' quality of life.

North Dakota scored a 70.4, followed by South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana. Not as bad as maybe you thought! Number two is pretty darn good, so you have reason to smile.

The most sad faced are our good friends in West Virginia. Those poor people have had a long face for five straight years now.