New research has determined there's actually a dark side to having to do homework - it can be hazardous to your health, both physically and mentally.

That's the startling conclusion of a new study printed in the "Journal of Experimental Education."

Stanford researchers found that giving students too much homework can negatively affect their life by increasing stress, depriving them of sleep, and robbing them of time for extracurricular school activities and precious time at home with family.

Quoting the lead researcher in the study,

"Overworked kids are not meeting their developmental needs or cultivating other critical life skills."


So what about those of us who grew up 40 years ago?  Especially, those of us who grew up on a farm?

The first thing you did when you got home from school was head out to do the chores.  And when I say "home from school," I mean home from football, basketball, or track practice.

Homework was something you didn't even think about until after the supper dishes had been washed and put away - then it was homework time.

And that's assuming, of course, you didn't have to head back to the school for a sporting event.  If that was the case, then you probably didn't get around to doing your homework until well after 10 pm.

Oh, and did I mention, you also had to get up early the next day to do your chores before going off to school?

So, why is homework such a big deal now?  Those of us in our "middle ages" seemed to have turned out okay.

Perhaps, kids nowadays should be given more homework.  If for no other reason than it forces you to get a handle on time management - you learn how to use your time wisely.

As my teacher, Mrs. Nicholson, used to remind us as she was handing out our homework assignments - "Remember kids, Idle minds"...(and I think you know the rest!)