There it was again.

A story in the Associated Press about how the EROS Center was taking over the mission of Landsat 8, a satellite that takes images of the earth. The center processes and archives the images for download by scientists and others.

That part is fine. But the story referred to "The U.S.Geological Survey EROS Center in Sioux Falls."

OK now, pay attention. EROS is not in Sioux Falls. It's near Garretson. Rural Garretson is another way to put it.

The story also said EROS was "north of Sioux Falls." That's accurate, but if my journalist colleagues say it's "north of Sioux Falls," then how can it be "in Sioux Falls?"

Yes, it was built by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, but that's just clouding the waters for our purposes here. And you'd have to go back 40 years or more, since it was finished in 1974.

Got it now?

EROS is near Garretson. It's not in Sioux falls.

I hope I've made myself clear.