Men, I'm going to share with you a secret on how to romance your sweetie this Valentine's - and you can thank me later.

For those of you who may lack in the area of romance, February 12 is National Pick a New Love Song Day.

Pretty much every couple I know has 'a song'.  Maybe it was the first song you ever slow danced to, or maybe it was the song that was playing on the jukebox when you first met.

For me and Suzette it's Foreigner's "Waiting For a Girl Like You'".  I was working at a radio station in Volga, South Dakota at the time and actually played it for her as she was driving home after visiting me in the studio - you can now stop laughing!!!

So, here's what you do.  You find 'your song', cue it up on the stereo (or whatever you use to listen to music) and ask your significant other to follow you into whatever room that device is in.  At that moment, you hit 'play' and ask her to dance with you - right then and there.

Trust me, she'll love it!

Now for part two.  Maybe recently there was a song that the two of you heard on the radio while you were driving somewhere.  Or maybe it was a song that you danced to at someone else's wedding dance.  Set it up so THAT song then immediately follows your first song - BOOM!

Okay, so you're probably busting a gut right about now, but guys trust me.  She'll be like putty in your hands.  My wife still says it's one of the most romantic things I've ever done for Valentine's Day.

I actually did it when the kids were still young, so as we were dancing cheek-to-cheek the kids were looking on, of course in disgust, while laughing and carrying on.  To this day though, our daughter Jesse still brings up how 'cool' she thought that was!

Just an idea guys.  Let me know how it works out.