Remember a few weeks back when I told you I was put on notice by Facebook because I was friending too many people?  As punishment, they made me read a document and put me in "time out" for two days.

Guess what?  I'm back in Facebook time out - this time for two weeks!

Apparently, I have what they refer to as a "friending problem."

What the folks at Facebook don't realize is I'm trying to compete with the big, mean F-M stations here at 5100 South Tennis Lane.  All the other stations have thousands of friends - KSOO has 300.

So how do I compete?  By friending people - duh!

Now that I've been sent to the Facebook wood shed for two weeks, I need your help.  Will you please tell your friends about 1140 KSOO?

Thanks for your help.

Well, better get back to the wood shed.  My rec time is almost up.