Over the years, it's been the Hallmark card company that has faithfully reminded us about sending greetings to those we love.  But in this day-in-age of social media, that's not the case anymore.  More than ever, Americans are going online for those special greetings, which has resulted in declining card sales and layoffs for Hallmark employees.  Just the other day, the big card company announced they're being forced to close their Kansas City plant.


I realize we're only talking about greeting cards, but am I the only one disappointed in this news?   There's something kind of cool about going out in search of that perfect card.  Sometime it may take only a few minutes, other times it seems to take forever to find just the right card with just the right words.


I especially love those times when you (and about a hundred of your closest friends) are frantically going through the leftover Valentine's Day cards because you forgot what day it was.  All you have to do is forget once and you'll never forget again.  Same thing with birthdays - all it takes is once.


My fear is Christmas cards will be the next to go.  I have noticed over the years, we seem to be getting fewer and fewer cards in the mail.  And as much as I complain when my wife says we have to send them out, there's something kind of magical about going to the mailbox and finding a stack of cards.  Some may contain a family photo, others a letter and some just a signature.  Whatever is inside, it's still special.


That's something you don't get with e-messages.  Sure, you may be able to tack on a goofy dancing icon, but you still don't have anything to hold in your hands.  Plus, with the card, you know the person who sent it actually gave it some thought as to what they wanted the message to say.  And then there's the whole displaying the cards on the kitchen table for a week.  Again, something you miss out on with e-messages.


And have you ever thought about all the people who benefit when you send a card?  The card factory folks, the store owner (and employees) where you purchased the card, the workers who made that pen you're gonna use to sign your name, the people who manufactured the postage stamp you're gonna place in the corner of the envelope, the men and women who bottled the mouthwash you need to use after licking the envelope, your local mailman (or woman)...the trickle down effect is huge!


So, the next time you're tempted to send that friend or loved one an electronic message, think of this post and go out and actually spend a few moments in the card isle.  That perfect card is there waiting to be sent!