New Year's Day, 2008 the razor took a rest.  April 4th 2013 it was back to work for the blades as the beard came off.  Over a span of 5 plus years the face was whiskerful.  Now that my appearance has changed, it’s interesting to note who comments and who doesn’t.  Makes me wonder about who would be good poker players among my co-workers.

At home, my wife wanted to see right away and was waiting after I left the shards in the sink.  Next, the kids who probably don’t remember me without a beard noticed immediately.  One of them said “I want my bearded Dad back.”  Even had to take me to school for show and tell, it was such a shock.

Then at work, there are some that noticed right away.  Other people look me right in the eye while conversing and not break form as if something were different.  Maybe they think, “I wonder how long it’s been since he shaved?”   It’s just sowing the seed until the whiskers return.

One noticeable difference without facial hair is that the South Dakota wind is a little more harsh than I remember.  That and the blade supplier will get a little more of my business until Labor Day.