The acrimony in Washington continues ad nauseam with no signs of relenting.  Republicans and Democrats hungry for power use any means necessary to garner support. 

The blue side chooses the oil magnate Koch Brothers as whipping boys for all that has gone wrong in the country.  Meanwhile in the red corner there’s Benghazi, the IRS, NSA spying and now the VA providing fodder for the cannon.

If there were negotiations between the two sides with a truce as the desired result, would we agree to hear nary a peep about the above subjects until election day?

Talk about fantasy.  On the Monday edition of KSOO's Viewpoint University Student Rob was quick to scuttle that notion.  Essentially Rob said if demagoguery against the Kochs is the only dead horse the Democrats can beat, that’s giving up way too much in the negotiations.

Many Dems are convinced that many of the charges against the current administration are trumped up, specifically the IRS and Benghazi.  To them, GOP stands for Get Obama Party.  Where do you stand?