How do you make one of the best events every summer in Sioux Falls better?

You make it bigger!

Hot Harley Nights is adding an additional night to their annual July event, which this year will begin on Thursday and run from July 10-13.

I asked Char Roth from Hot Harley Nights and J&L Harley-Davidson about what's planned for the extra night:

One of the highlights of Hot Harley Nights each year is the motorcycle parade and free downtown events on Saturday night.  It's the most impressive thing this side of Sturgis.

The details for Saturday night are coming together:

Photo Courtesy of Roxanne Kasa/Make A Wish

The real stars of the show at Hot Harley Nights every year are the kids from South Dakota Make-A-Wish.  Their smiles and waves as they lead off the parade are definitely the highlight of the weekend.

Over the 19 years this event has been in place they've raised a very impressive amount of money for this great organization:

Even though the event is still three months away, there are still things you can do now to get involved in this year's event: