The subconscious mind is far beyond many people’s ability to comprehend. My reason for sharing could help those who feel as if they are in political or moral quicksand.

Dreams like this are not new for me as evidenced by a different dream a few years ago. You could also look up the prophet Daniel in the Scriptures as a possible tie of coincidence (because I don't think this is in the same category whatsoever). However, seeing a bald eagle trapped in the grille of a car and a South Dakota seasonal tie seems to compel me to share.

Imagine walking the South Dakota plains in the hopes to get your limit of pheasants. That’s what my Dad and I are doing in this dream as the tall grass sways in the wind.

Pheasants can choose to either hunker down and try not to get found or suddenly launch into the air and escape. We had no hunting dog to flush the bird so instead of goading the bird into flight with his hunting boots or pull an unsportsmanlike “ground pound” he carefully sets down his weapon and then proceeds to pick up the fowl and toss it in the air as if to say, “Let me set this up for you.”

What happened next in this vision was truly strange as the bird did not try to escape after being hoisted into the air. Coming up and then straight down so there’s no opportunity to take a clean shot.

It was then we realized that this was no pheasant, but a bald eagle. Now instead of hiding, it was content to look around and stay put. The dream ends but the impact and bewilderment remains.

Being the good Lutheran that I am it begs the question, “What does this mean?” The bald eagle to me symbolizes freedom. As we try so hard to push America in a direction where WE think it should go, WE THE PEOPLE forget that freedom cannot be forced.

For most of our nation’s history, freedom has been a wild, unpredictable animal that did what it took to survive plus molded the next generation to shape its own path. Freedom means there are times to fight, to flee, to prosper, to mourn and to heal. Each season will present its own path and those who have WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING will know which direction we will go and the correct pace to travel that road.

This may have everything to do with the coming election/political climate or nothing at all. By saying so I’m trying to run uphill, but my prayer is that you establish a firm foundation in good things that bear good fruit. Be gentle and kind to others. You could also add a dash of self-control in there, too.

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