If you strolled into Sergeant Bluff Iowa today, one thing you would not see within city limits is a pit bull dog, but that could be changing soon.

KSFY TV is reporting the current ordinance that prohibits residents from housing the pit bull breed in the city because they're believed to be predisposed to vicious behavior is under the microscope at the moment.

Sergeant Bluff Mayor Jon Winkel told KSFY TV, he'd support backing a plan to lift the ban if there are proper steps in place to keep residents safe.

When it comes to canines, pit bulls aren't the only thing being discussed. City Council members in Sergeant Bluff are also considering requiring all dogs within the city to undergo registration and microchipping.

The various plans are expected to be a topic of discussion by staff and committee members during the next city council meeting schedule for (November 28).

Source: KSFY TV

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