We spend most of our waking hours with co-workers. In most cases, we spend a lot more time with them than we do with our family and friends. That said, it's kind of interesting to see how certain people handle certain situations.

I grew up in a family that did most of their communicating with a simple note on the counter. Not the phone, not an email, not a text, but a simple note on the counter. Mom taught all of us how to write a note, without too much verbiage in between.

Went to town for groceries. Back in a bit.  Or;


To Mitchell for Dr. Apt. Soup in fridge. Don't make a mess.

Simple messages can say a LOT. Recently a couple of fairly creative signs and notes have been popping up at work. Some are straightforward, like the one on our water machine. It's a free-standing water cooler that does not have a drain. Evidently someone got tired of watching the catch basin fill up. Over and over. I give this sign an 8 out of 10 for style points. It sells the point without degrading with just a pinch of sarcasm.

Note on Water Machine at Work

But my favorite has to recent notes above the paper towel machine in the men's bathroom. If you use two hands and pull gently it works fine. However, if you're in a hurry, or only use one hand you can gum the machine up good. These two were too good not to share!

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls












If you have some clever signs that co-workers have posted, share them with us.