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Lot's of folks get their engagement photos taken in parks, woodsy vistas, or inner city landscapes.

It seems that one of the main factors in choosing a theme for wedding engagement photos is picking someplace of common interest.

That's where this couple came up with a rather unique idea.  They had their photos taken at COSTCO.  You can see their pictures posted on

When asked if there was some sentimental reason for doing this, user Kartarsh posted:

Not really, we just both really like Costco. I didn't like the idea of having the regular engagement pics (or really any, but our photographer offered to do it for free). I thought it would be funny to have pictures of us doing really mundane things, and then decided it would be better to romanticize those mundane things.

With buck fifty hotdog & soda combo's including free refills, why not have the wedding reception there too!?