Normally you want to stay away from wild critters, but baby raccoons are so cute. Fawns, bunnies and puppies are cute too. I threw puppies in there to see if you were listening. Babes of most mammals rank high on the cute-o-meter although they can have drawbacks.

Young creatures explore. Just like these little dickens who strayed away from mama raccoon. That penchant for precociousness can take the shine off their appeal. It can also remind you that if they watch their step, eventually precocious little guys grow up to become a nuisance. Like the squirrels who sharpen their claws on the siding of houses or bunnies who eat zucchini plants just as they break through in the garden. (Not that I would have first hand knowledge of that.)

Just like with humans, we all have to get along in this world. You can’t just say, “Hey! Get off my lawn,” or negotiate a contract with the animal kingdom.