When you go to a game or a concert at a venue in this country, you may find yourself eating or drinking something while attending.

Centerplate is a company that supplies and overcharges for its products at a lot of those venues.  Now many of you are appalled at the prices, but after you see this video, you will be appalled at their CEO for abusing a puppy.

This JERK is Centerplate CEO Des Hague and he may be crowned biggest ASS by thousands who see his horrible actions.

Hopefully, Centerplate takes action as in firing this ding bat, and do your part til they do and boycott them at all stadiums and venues across this country!  If they can't fire a guy who has that kind of anger and issues, then I certainly am not funding that company and I hope you don't as well.

Here is the link to send your comments directly to Centerplate so you can express your feelings as well. http://www.centerplate.com/contact-us/

And while you are doing that, ask them why they haven't updated their NEWS section on their website with the latest "NEWS" about their company's CEO.

There are currently nine NFL teams that use Centerplate according to Darren Rovell of ESPN including the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and the old Metrodome where the Minnesota Vikings called home.

No charges have yet been filed by law enforcement.