Police say a suspect is in custody after a weekend incident at a Sioux Falls auto dealership.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says a couple had agreed to buy a vehicle from Billion GMC but had not yet taken delivery.

On Sunday afternoon, they met with the salesman and wanted to look at the vehicle again, so the salesman drove them from the Billion GMC lot to the Billion KIA lot, but another man rode along.

Clemens says the salesman thought the man was with the couple, while they thought he was with the salesman. But after he rode back to the GMC lot, the salesman found him in the office and told him he could not be there.

The man said he was there to buy a vehicle and began filling out paperwork, but when the salesman turned to use the copy machine, Clemens says the man stabbed him in the head with a screwdriver, causing a small cut.

Clemens says the suspect tried to flee, but he was stopped by other employees, and when police arrived they found a bag of methamphetamine in his pocket.

Clemens says James Buke was charged with aggravated assault, false impersonation, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.