Meet 8-year-old Anna Cymbaluk and her 7-year-old brother Ben from Fosston, Minnesota. Their mother shot this video of the children, with Anna tearfully describing the constant harassment by bullies they experience at school.

Anna and her mother have asked the principal of Magelssen Elementary numerous time to intervene, but the school's reaction has been dismissive. So finally, after five meetings with administrators since December produced no results, Sarah Cymbaluk turned to Facebook.

The video has been shared more than 10,000 times and prompted a stream of online outrage. But the story does have some good news. The family has since started a online campaign called,  “Orange You Glad You Aren’t a Bully?".

The campaign wants to “take the power away from bullies, and shout it from every corner of the globe, ‘No More, Never Again!’”