It would be intuitively obvious to the casual observer that the Denny Sanford Premier Center would be on the list of top achievements for the City of Sioux Falls in 2014.  

It is nearly impossible to agree on any sort of list in total, but that's why we have opinions.  Even Casey Kasem got some flack if someone's favorite song wasn't on top.

Mayor Mike Huether announced on Wednesday what he considers to be the top 10 wins that Sioux Falls City government captured in 2014. The top 10 wins as ranked by Mayor Huether:

  1. Our new Events Center rocks! The Denny Sanford PREMIER Center opened on time, under budget, pumps out cash, and (yes) has plenty of parking.
  2. Sioux Falls citizens want progress, and the April 8 election proved it! Sioux Falls residents overwhelmingly supported the indoor aquatic center at Spellerberg Park, the Shape Places Zoning Ordinance, commercial zoning at 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue, snow gates, and public servants who get things done.
  3. It’s the economy, and oh my, ours is booming! In Sioux Falls, good jobs are everywhere, there is record-breaking construction again, our piggybank is fatter, sales tax revenues are sky-high, and in the north, south, east, west, and downtown, our residents are living, working, playing, and thriving.
  4. City government is being run like a business, including implementing innovative and long-overdue technology systems like the EnerGov land management system, the Munis payroll system, and a new public computer reservation and printing system at Siouxland Libraries.
  5. One of the best community health providers in the nation is in Sioux Falls, and America knows it. Falls Community Health is now directed in-house by City employee caregivers and leadership and has received Patient-Centered Medical Home Level 3 recognition. The Health Department also provided strong leadership and due diligence in our search for an ambulance service provider.
  6. The City of Sioux Falls streamlined our approach to Code Enforcement. Being a good and responsible neighbor is a big deal here!
  7. More needs to be done, but Public Transportation is more sustainable due to tough decisions being made. Demand has never been higher, but reality is that it is extremely expensive. This city is not shying away from the challenge.
  8. Railyard relocation in Downtown Sioux Falls moves one major step forward. The independent appraisal is done so negotiations between BNSF and the City of Sioux Falls can begin to capture almost ten acres of land in the heart of our city.
  9. The City’s Legal Team has never been stronger. These public servants are defenders of progress and liberty and are saving Sioux Falls taxpayers millions.
  10. Sioux Falls homes and businesses are now protected from a 100-year flood event. The flood control system is complete and accredited and long-awaited development opportunities are on the horizon.