SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - South Dakota's biggest city has banned texting while driving. The Sioux Falls City Council voted to make sending and receiving electronic messages while operating a vehicle a crime within city limits.

The ordinance will take effect on Sept. 28 and will be punishable by a fine of up to $200 and 30 days in jail. It still will be legal to make phone calls, use GPS navigation and use hands free devices.

The push for a texting-while-driving ban in Sioux Falls was started earlier this year by a group called Citizens for Cell Phone Safety While Driving.

The South Dakota Legislature has rejected proposed statewide bans in the last two years, but Sioux Falls' home rule charter allows it to pass measures not forbidden by state law.

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On Facebook, most fans seem to be in support of the ban.

"After the accident last month at 26th & Minnesota Ave we need this ban!!" - Susan Fahy Kermoade

"It is because people don't use their common sense that we need the ban!" - Carmen Fisher

"Much needed! People can't seem to do it on their own so I guess we have to put a law in effect to help them out. Hopefully a few tickets here & there will put a damper on it once the word gets around." - Dan Varns

"On my way to work yesterday,I looked in my rear view mirror to see the girl behind me texting. She crossed the center line 4 times in a one mile stretch on Cliff Avenue :/" - Tina Robetor Howe

However, it isn't unanimous. Some residents feel it isn't enforceable.

"They can't in force [sic] it.. A texting ban wouldn't of stopped that kid last month.. Speeding laws didnt. People just need to be smart." - Samantha Hagen

"It's a government thing. Too much control in out daily lives." - Dan Richardt

"I still haven't figured out how (other than going to court with your phone records) they are going to prove you were texting. Texting is completely blocked on my phone. I just think SF would be better of going hands free. Then there's no question as to whether you were violating or not!" - Melissa Fletcher

"I think it's pointless considering they already could have pulled you over for distracted driving. Why add a redundant law?" - Elyse 'Reptar' Taylor