I am not much of an ornithologist, but I can tell you these two Canada Geese have made the wetlands adjacent to the Results Radio studios.

Most of the time they spend the day around the confines of the water and bulrushes down the hill on the back side of our building.  Occasionally they will perch atop the building and survey the surroundings from the highest peak.  Other times the pair will venture to the front side to see how the other half lives.  Thankfully, they have stayed away from the electronic equipment and suffer the fate of many a squirrel.

Friday was an especially raucous day for our unofficial caretakers as they felt the need to chatter away during the late afternoon.

Apparently, that was important for the happy honkers to do.  Plus, it seems a little dry in the wetlands.  We shall see if there will be a replenishing rain this weekend.