So the question is, do most women consider men to be pack rats? If you go by their actions, the answer is a resounding yes!

According to a recent survey, women love to throw away their man's stuff. And unfortunately for most men, it's always the stuff that has the greatest sentimental value to a guy too.

You know, things like old clothes from their younger years, magazines, (generally the dirty variety), sports memorabilia, old CD's and DVD's that she doesn't like, the list goes on and on.

I think the majority of men are far more tolerant of this behavior than your typical women would ever be. I can't even begin to imagine what would happen to me,  if I woke up one morning and decided to go on a cleaning spree and start by tossing out all of my wife's Bon Jovi collection. Our marriage would instantly be at a Defcon 2.

I recently stumbled across a list of the top ten things women love to toss out when their man isn't looking.

So guys, if you want my advice, you better examine this list closely. And if you value any of these things, hide them in some deep dark caravan that your significant other will never ever be able to find. Good luck!

  • Clothes. (Watch out, she'll go through your closet tossing out your favorite old t-shirts just because she can.)
  • Magazine collections. (They're usually first on the hit list, especially if they're of the smut variety.)
  • Old hobby items. (Things like model airplanes, camping equipment, etc.)
  • Old CD's and DVD's. (The ones she doesn't like are as good as gone.)
  • Your favorite old recliner chair. (Yep, the one with the stains on it. God I loved that chair!)
  • Sports memorabilia. Baseball cards, autographed footballs and baseballs. (Toss some of those items out and it's grounds for divorce as far as I'm concerned.)
  • Artwork she doesn't like. (But honey, dogs playing poker is a classic!)
  • Your ripped-up old computer chair. (Truth be told, she probably did you a favor by ditching that.)
  • Your sound system. (She'll use the "it takes up too much space" excuse. Been there and done that before.)
  • And finally, weights or any fitness equipment she hasn't seen you use in the past 3-days.

Source: Female First