Has raising the state minimum wage had an impact on poverty issues in Minnehaha County? That is one question I will pose to Carol Muller, head of the Human Services Dept. for Minnehaha County today(Wednesday) on Viewpoint University.  Ms. Muller and Stacey Tieszen from the County Affordable Housing Office will talk wages, apartment costs, budgets for people making the minimum wage, and hours needed to work to survive without any subsidies.

Also in class, a man who doesn't want six million chickens near his living space in Parker, South Dakota. John Chicoine will be with us at 5 pm.

Ann-ericka Whitebird is a journalist trying to report the news from the Pine Ridge Reservation. She is meeting resistance from her own people. She will be with us at 6:30pm.

Viewpoint University, Monday-Friday, 4-7pm with Rick Knobe and today Todd Epp, on this webpage and 1140 KSOO.