A few post-election notes:

President Obama says he has not yet scheduled a meeting with the man he defeated on Election Day.

But he says he does want to meet with Mitt Romney before the year is out.

We can only imagine what they would talk about, but I'm guessing gloating or being a sore loser would not be on the meeting agenda.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama's Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar is voicing regret after he reportedly threatened to punch a newspaper reporter in Colorado.

Seems the reporter asked about wild horses, and the Secretary thought the reporter was trying to set him up.

At least he didn't take a page out of David Petraeus's book and say he used bad judgment, or some such thing.

And on to Arizona, where a woman drove over her husband with an SUV.

Police say Holly Solomon of Mesa didn't want President Obama to be re-elected, and she was angry at the mister because he didn't vote.