Carrie Nielson, who was once a licensed nurse in South Dakota, was addicted to prescription drugs.  "I was in recovery from alcoholism when I started in nursing.  I didn't go into nursing as part of a plan to become an addict.  But, the availability of narcotics led me down that path.  It wasn't as the result of nursing.  It was my choice.  I am an addict and it wasn't a good fit for me. "

So, what did it take for Carrie to confront the addiction?  "I ironically showed up for work after I had been drinking and taking legally prescribed medication.  I mixed ambien with alcohol.  I don't remember going to work.  I was very fortunate!  My co workers knew my personality and could identify something was wrong.  I was immediately taken off the schedule.   I never handled patients that night.  Thank God!"

Carrie knew what she had to do!  "I wanted to get help long before I did.  I just didn't know how to do it.  How do you ask for help? I thought I'd go to prison and lose everything.  Thankfully I didn't go to prison."

Fortunately, Carrie sought help and got it.  "By the time it got to the point where I gave up my nursing license, I was willing to do anything.  Even with that willingness I didn't think it would work."

Carrie, who is employed at Tall Grass Recovery,  has been clean for three years.  "My desire for drugs has been lifted.  I'm thankful that I don't have that urge anymore.  But, I know it's because I seek daily maintenance.  That's another blessing where I work "

Carrie Nielson is a real survivor who is making a difference!