On Wednesday, one of the giants of Country Music announced that he will no longer perform on nationwide tours.  George Strait who has amassed 59 number one hits and according to music chart expert Joel Whitburn is among the top 3 country artists all-time in chart activity held a press conference to make the announcement.

His final tour entitled "The Cowboy Rides Away" will last over two years and no doubt bring out everyone who would like to see Strait play one last time.  Mind you, he's not going to perform 200 concerts a year during the next two years.  He has chosen to scale back his tour schedule quite a bit over the past 15 years which has allowed him to stave off an impending burnout.  Because, being a consistent hit-maker for 30 years will take a toll on you no matter how you cut it.

The list of places and dates were revealed for 2013 and there will be a subsequent list released for 2014.  Incidentally, the new Denny Sanford Premier Center will open in 2014.  The stars could allign and George Strait could finally have a worthy venue to perform in Sioux Falls and it would be during his "Farewell Tour".  The prospect of such an occurence is exciting!

Unfortunately, there would have to be a lot of lobbying and arm twisting to do it, so don't hold your breath.  Sorry to be Mr. Wet Blanket, but the completion of the structure to house that spectacle is in the Fall of 2014.  Strait's 2014 schedule will probably mirror what he will do in 2013 so that means the tour will be shuttered by the time the "Den" is open.  Nuts.

"Meanwhile" you better get "Unwound" so that the "Run" to your concert of choice that could take you to some "Ocean Front Property" or to "Marina Del Rey".  Supposing you could make it to "Amarillo By Morning" to see "The Big One" on the stage, driving through the "Heartland" with "The Man In Love With You" at your side or "How 'Bout Them Cowgirls" "Wrapped" around every word that the old "Troubadour" sings.

Click here for a list of 2013 dates.