Everyday we get what we call "prep services" here at the radio station, and the other day I was paging through one called "Radio Online" and discovered this little tidbit.

The story was about the tap water in New York City and how it's suppose to be some of the best tasting in the world.  (Having never been there, I can't verify that one way or the other.)

But the gist of the story was about a couple of guys who've started up the "Molecule Water Bar" in the city's east village.

Basically, they sell you a bottle of tap water for $2.50 that has been put through a seven stage process they call "pure H2O."

Now here's the part of the story that caught my attention - one of the guys is a former "World Champion Boomerang Player."

Are you kidding me?  There's a world boomerang championship?

Who knew?

It's kind of like, just the other day I learned there's a competition held the first of each year in Japan where contestants get all liquored up on sake and then have a stare down - who ever blinks first loses.

And I thought playing poker with the guys in the garage was competitive.  It's apparent I need to get out more.