Most people in the self-help realm say it takes 21 days to build a successful habit. So seven more days lie ahead to build the framework of success.

It’s progress check time. If you have fallen short already, there’s still plenty of time to get back on track. A lot of folks need guidance to maintain that lofty goal set a few days ago.

Use this at your own peril, but those temptations come in all forms and figures. The support system should be equally broad.

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Next time you are beaten down and near your last straw in your attempt to achieve your goals keep these words in mind. (Sung to the tune of “Revolution” by The Beatles).

So how’s your resolution doing? Well, you know.
We are only two weeks in.

It’s not exactly nuclear fusion. Well, you know.
But it’s harder than I planned.

The smokin’ and drinkin’ and gambling fever,
Just give a break until the flame goes out.


Cause I’m trying to make me, top flight.

Gonna take more than one night.

All right.

So how about the shrinking waistline? Well, you know.
Are you happy as a clam?

Established my personal baseline. Yeah, you know.
Soon be lesser of a man.

The sugars and carbs are surely missing,
Except for that hidden stash that just got found.


There is probably no need to copyright the lyrics. Consider them public domain.