I read a story last week how 71% of Americans claim they're five pounds heavier now than they were a year ago. I think I've found one of the reasons why.

Americans LOVE fast food!

America is still the reigning fast food champ in the world. As a nation we are absolutely addicted to our fast food, no mater how often we hear someone tell us how bad it is for us.

I gave up eating fast food just about two years ago and have lost 50+ pounds because of it. I feel great and have extra money to show for it. That is not the case for a number of Americans.

The average American consumes fast food at least twice a week and spends nearly $12.50 every time we visit a fast food joint. That adds up to about $1,300 a year!

Most fast food junkies love themselves some burgers, pizza and fried chicken in that order. And most claim the reason why they eat fast food so often is because they're just to busy to make a meal at home. That, and being too impatient to cook and too lazy to cook are also a couple of the more popular excuses given as well.

7% of Americans eat fast food on a daily basis and an alarming 5% eat fast food pretty much every meal everyday! Just like that line from the motion picture City Slickers, "He ate bacon at every meal. You can't do that!"

I'm guessing those are also the same people warming up in the bullpen for their first quadruple bypass surgery too.

Source: Daily Mail