What, someone telling a lie on Facebook! That can't be true. Everything you read on the internet is true, at least that's what I read anyway.

Believe it or not, when you look at someone's Facebook profile, it's laden with lies. Some blatant, some subtle, but basically all lies. And women appear to be the worst offenders.

A new survey has found the top seven ways women lie on Facebook. Quick, see if you have tried any of these tactics on your profile page recently.

  • Photoshopping photos before uploading them. Just a quick little "fixer up" job to make sure you're always looking your best.
  • Exaggerating about your career success. You mean you're really not making $95,000 a year as a cashier at Sam's Club?
  • Only posting about your exciting nights on the town. It must have slipped your mind to post about the Friday night you stayed home to re-arrange the utility room.
  • Only posting photos of your place when it's clean. What! Your house doesn't always look like it is the featured home in this month's edition of Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Only posting the adorable things your kids do. Somehow you forgot to post the pic of the time your kid carved "fart" on the side of your neighbor's house.
  • Using old photos from the days when you looked better. That a girl. I'm sure all your Facebook friends will never for a minute doubt that you haven't changed a bit since age 23.
  • Finally, untagging yourself in photos where you don't look perfect. Oldest trick in the book.

Source: Female First