It has never been done before and this South Dakota pair aims to be the first.

Democrat Susan Wismer is the party’s choice for Governor’s race and she picked Susy Blake as her running mate.  No all-female ticket for Governor has ever been selected in the United States.

To have that chance feels exciting for Blake.  “We have a great opportunity.  Women come at problems from a different perspective.”  Specifically speaking about how the two ladies at the top of the ticket would mesh, Blake thinks the combination will produce a new South Dakota direction.  “We bring fresh ideas.  We bring everybody to the table to talk about how to come up with the best solutions.  It’s not going to be behind closed doors.  It’s going to be out front and center for people to understand.”

Blake who once represented a portion of Sioux Falls in the South Dakota Legislature knows first-hand about the wheels of progress turn slowly in Pierre.  “Sioux Falls has made progress in spite of what’s happening at the state level.  If we think it’s important to have day care standards in Sioux Falls, we go ahead and institute day care standards.  Our state won’t do that.”  Beyond that, Blake notes that there is no Early Childhood Council in South Dakota.  Such a group would evaluate the need of children in the state.

Texas voters also could put two women in the top two slots in their upcoming election. However the Governor and Lt. Governor positions are elected separately instead of as a team.