I saw a story on the Associated Press that got me to thinking. If cell phone use on airplanes is expanded by the FAA, does that mean the loud-mouth jerks who talk loudly on their phones in stores will be allowed on airplanes, too?

You know the type--the people who seem to believe they have to practically shout into their phones, regardless of where they are or who is close by. The inconsiderate folks you can hear all over the store, the mall, the park--everywhere.

And oh, how important their conversation is--it's so important you no doubt want to hear it, too.

Now, we don't fly much, and hardly anyone calls my cell phone, but nobody gets off the hook here.

The story I saw suggested putting the loud phone-talkers next to the families with small children on airplanes.

But maybe the answer is just to seat them according to preference, the way smokers were separated.

I can see it now--you buy your ticket and the question is, "Will that be talking or non-talking?"