Thursday marked a return to school in the Harrisburg, South Dakota district and apparently not everyone was prepared for the drill.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office conducted a saturation patrol in Harrisburg Thursday (August 26) in coordination with the first day of school. They added 3 extra deputies to conduct the safety patrol.

And it looks like they stayed very busy.

Lincoln County officials made lots of public safety messages, tried hard to get the word out that they were going to be doing this, not to mention the presence of all those signs and flashing lights tell you to slow the heck down.

Now keep in mind Harrisburg is filled with lots of delightful citizens, but to some folks those are just suggestions, because some folks filled with self importance got caught speeding through zones and by school buses while the buses had their red lights flashing.

After all those people had places to be. Why let the safety of a couple of kids slow you down?

Here are the final numbers from the saturation patrol:

  • Traffic Stops: 20
  • Speeding Citations: 18
  • Misc Warnings: 4

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