Before you jump to the conclusion about this story being a slam against Sioux Falls - it's not. In fact, it's just the opposite. Having lived here since 1984, I love to hear stories about new people relocating here for whatever reason - work, school, it doesn't matter. I'm fascinated by, not only what brought them here, but why they chose to stay here.

For those of us who have lived here most of our lives, I think sometimes we're too close to the forest to see the big picture. I start to take things for granted. I'm especially blown-away this time of the year when I drive to the other parts of town after staying close to home during the cold and dreary winter months.

Wow! The building that's been taking place is mind-blowing. I remember when I first moved to town after college, the construction business pretty much stopped once the cold and snow moved in. Now, that's not the case. Seems nowadays crews can work in almost any weather condition.

Not only am I interested in why someone moved to Sioux Falls, but more importantly why they chose to remain in Sioux Falls. My wife happens to work in a field where she has to bring prospective employees to town on a regular basis. And I'm always fascinated by their initial reaction.

Most people can't seem to get over how good we have it here and how friendly the people are. We have all the big city amenities while still maintaining that small-town attitude. Granted, we'll always have that small fraction of "locals" that beg to differ, but I think most would agree - Sioux Falls is a great place to live!

So, my point to all of this is - I want to hear from those of you who recently moved to Sioux Falls, or from those of you who know of someone who recently moved here. We would like to start up a new feature on KSOO highlighting where and why our new neighbors relocated here.

Was it a job? Was it for family reasons? Was it to get away from increasing crime or a quest to find better health care? If you know of someone who's new to the city, please drop me a line at I would love to interview them, not only for the radio, but also for our social media sites. You can also call me at 605-330-7238.

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