So far this flu season has been a doozy!  At last report, 29 states are reporting high levels of "influenza-like illness," according to the most recent weekly flu advisory issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means not only are more and more people getting sick, it means more and more people are getting other people sick as well.

If you're hit with the flu bug and are trying to figure out who gave it to you, there's a new app to the rescue.  "Help, I have the Flu," scans your Facebook friend's status updates and more for clues. It looks for for words such as, "coughing," "sneezing," and "flu." It also checks the places that they've posted from, even factors in when they posted, as several late-night posts might indicate sleep-deprivation and would thus make the friend more susceptible to catching the flu.

So what happens when you think you've identified the guilty party? The app has you covered there too.  It lets you send a message to the germ spreader to let them know they've passed the flu on to someone else.

Is there anything apps can't do?  Oh yeah, how about keeping you from getting sick in the first place?  I'm sure someone is already working on that one!