(NPN) -- In the greater scheme of things, it probably doesn't matter.

But David Montgomery (@ArgusMontgomery) at the Sioux Falls Argus Leader thinks he's figured out one of the mysteries of the 2014 South Dakota U.S. Senate campaign (#SDSEN): Who is Twitter's Rino Mike, the vitriolic anti-Mike Rounds/pro-Stace Nelson poster?

Montgomery says it's Mike Chapman, a former Sen. Tim Johnson aide and a current D.C. lobbyist. Only Montgomery hasn't completely confirmed it, though his blog story has gone from the Internets to the cold, hard, print of the actual Argus Leader. I would have figured the Argus would have required confirmation from at least one source before printing, but hey, it's a new world in journalism.

So, does Rino Mike = Mike Chapman? I don't know. But earlier on in the campaign, I too had my own questions about Rino Mike and engaged him/her/it in a brief conversation on Twitter via my @KSOOTodd handle.

Draw your own conclusions. If there's one thing that is true about the Internet since it's earliest days (Yes, I was even a CompuServe member!), it's that in cyberspace, no one knows you're a dog — or a Rino Mike.

I've sent Rino Mike, or whomever they are, a direct tweet asking if they are indeed Mike Chapman. So, we'll see.

Meanwhile, there's an actual U.S. Senate race with actual candidates with actual names who have actual positions on actual issues. Maybe all of us in the South Dakota media should actually be more worried about that.