Some people get South Dakota.

Some people don't.

Well the folks at Thrillist obviously get us. The website that proclaims itself as 'obsessed with everything that’s worth caring about in food, drink, and travel' has always been one of the Rushmore State's biggest cheerleaders.

In fact, Thrillist likes South Dakota so much, last year they hailed it as 'The Most Underrated State in America'.

So it's no surprise that when Thrillist was compiling its list of 'The 21 Best Dive Bars in America', an establishment from our neck of the woods would be included.

Their choice - The Icehouse, in the former Pure Ice Company building, in Yankton. Using words like 'iconic' and 'magical', Thrillist explains why the bar belongs on the list:

While most bars keep their patrons' legacies alive via names carved in tables and a printout of people banned from entry, Ice House’s legacy lives in the form of thousands and thousands of bottled shattered underneath the loading dock. Before they become literal shattered memories, those bottles are served in buckets of the bar's ice, and the bartender will even bring them to your car (South Dakota, like we said, is a magical place) so you can gaze at the beautiful Missouri River in comfort before adding to the jagged pile yourself.

So the next time you're in Yankton, come for the beer, stay for the 'atmosphere'. Who knows? You might be lucky to run into Jim Anderson, better known as 'Amazing Beer Can Stomping Guy':

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