The big fight is coming up on Saturday and many people are still trying to figure out where they can go to watch it.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao is pulling in money from every possible angle. Pay-Per-View is expected to be one of the highest grossing events in history. Bars across the country are trying to figure out if they'll be able to afford to show it.

A bar owner in Sioux Falls, that won't be showing the fight, informed us that the price to show the fight was $3,700 for his smaller bar. Another bar owner in town, with a larger facility, said his price was $6,500 to show the event. The price is determined based on the amount of televisions within the facility. With the pricing the way it is, the bars that are showing the event are charging a cover fee.

Both Buffalo Wild Wings locations in town will be showing the fight. Both locations will charge $20 to enter the building. They have also said that the $20 cover charge will be for anyone 18+.

Rookies on Louise Avenue will also be showing the fight in their comedy club area, according to their Facebook page. The ticket price to see the fight is $20 and tickets can be purchased in advanced but are also limited.

Krav'N on the south end of town will also be showing the fight but have advised to arrive early. Their cover will only be $10, however they are showing the Kentucky Derby before and anticipating a big crowd for that also. Spots are expected to fill quick. They also announced on their Facebook page that 212 The Boiling Point in Brandon will also show the fight.

Another popular destination for big fights is the movie theater. Century Theaters in Sioux Falls has confirmed that they will NOT be showing the fight this weekend due to The Avengers opening that night.

For those that want to sit back and enjoy the show from home, it will cost a bit of money to do so. DirecTV and Dish Network both are charging $89.99 for the standard definition broadcast, and $99.99 for the high definition broadcast. Midcontinent is selling the high definition broadcast for $89.99.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Full List
DirecTV/Dish PPV - $89.99 (standard), $99.99 (HD)
Midcontinent Communications - $89.99 (HD)
Buffalo Wild Wings - $20 Cover (18+)
Rookies - $20 (Tickets limited)
Krav'N - $10 Cover (Kentucky Derby promotion. Arrive early)
212 The Boiling Point in Brandon - No announcement on cover but will be showing the fight.

The fight will take place on Saturday night and the main event is scheduled to begin around 10:00 central.